February 16, 2022

starting fresh

Hi! I’m Clare. But I’m guessing you already knew that, right? I mean- you took the time to come see my website which means you’re either a follower or my mom. Hi mom(!)

It’s been less than a year since I started sharing my life online with you all. Throughout that time, I’ve struggled with how to brand myself. I’d ask life’s most common questions, such as:

“Am I an influencer?”

“Am I a business?”

“Why am I so obsessed with the color blue?”

“Should I name my business something different than my own name?!”

“When I get married are people going to remember who I am if I change my last name to Sullivan?”

And as I asked these questions, I redesigned my logo. Again, and again, and again. In one year I had about four different logos. Every time I designed a new logo for myself, I hated it within a week.

Then, along came Lydia. She slid into my DMs and offered to help me – not only with my logo, but also with my website. I took a look at her stunning portfolio and jumped at the chance to work with her. Within a month, I had a fresh new logo that I don’t think I’ll ever want to change, and soon after came a complex, beautifully designed website.

When we started working together, Lydia asked me what I wanted to get out of my new & improved website. I told her that above all else, I wanted my site to feel like a resource to my followers- to you! I want you to have access to everything “Clare” right at your fingertips – and I mean EVERYTHING! I want you to be able to do anything from shopping the products I use everyday, to quickly grabbing recipes when you’re in need of weeknight meal inspiration.

Maybe you’re wondering what products I use in my hair, or what my favorite summer dress is going to be this season. Or perhaps you’re even curious about what’s going on in my personal life (I am an influencer after all, right?! Right?! … What was that? You don’t give a shit and you’re just looking for the link to my spice jars? That’s just fine, too!)

Now, everything is going to be organized in one place. And, thanks to Lydia, it’s all very aesthetically pleasing! And speaking of aesthetically pleasing, I got off topic and forgot to talk about my new logo. WHICH I AM OBSESSED WITH. As an artist and designer, the idea of hiring a fellow creative to do my logo was a daunting idea. Who could represent me better than me, right?! WRONG. Lydia could represent *me* better than me! Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective on your own life and brand. Her sharp mind and creative instincts, combined with the pretty little flower I designed (thank you, thank you, I know – it’s adorable), lent themselves to a creative pairing made in dreamy, blue and white, ultra feminine branding heaven!

Wow. I forgot how much I love to WRITE! Fun fact: I won a bunch of awards in high school for creative writing. Including the Sewannee book award for excellence in creative writing! I also love bragging. Can you tell? Now I’m furrowing my brow and wondering why I felt the need to emphasize to you that I’m actually, in fact, relatively intelligent. I guess that as an influencer, I worry that everyone’s going to assume I’m dumb or empty headed. Why is that? I mean, if we really think about it, that viewpoint is internalized misogyny at its best. Which is partly why I now refuse to be embarrassed about being an influencer. Good content creation takes some serious creativity and brains! And now that I think about it, all of the female influencers I follow are pretty damn smart and entrepreneurial. So let’s work together to try and drop that sexist disdain for women who choose to share their lives on social media, shall we?

So now you see why my new website launch is so exciting. Besides being a resource for all of your lifestyle inspiration needs, it’s going to be a place where I let my truest thoughts flow. I can’t wait to keep on sharing my advice about all things BEAUTIFUL with you, so come back soon for more :).



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