September 22, 2022


Hi. Let’s get right into it today. I have been dreaming of an aesthetic mini kitchen/ coffee bar / snack haven since I signed the lease on my office. I was getting SO fed up with not having a microwave and eating overpriced take out salads with colored pencils as chopsticks instead of utensils (iykyk). SO, say hello to our brand new office kitchenette, featuring a cutie blue microwave to heat up our lunches packed from home (I am really going to tryyyy and pack my lunches from here on out – if you have any good lunch recipe accounts you follow, please share!! I need all the inspo I can get).

We filled up the space with snacks, glassware and bowls, and even an iced coffee maker! We are still waiting on fridge and coffee maker delivery, and can’t wait to reveal what we picked!

My mom had the most amazing idea to do a DIY bar table by buying an affordable desk on Amazon and covering it with peel and stick grasscloth! I chose this fabulous sage green grasscloth from Society Social and I absolutely love how it came out. Interior design tip: try pulling in different textures, fabrics and materials in your space to achieve balance without being repetitive or too matchy-matchy. The texture of the grasscloth was a new one that we brought into the space and I think it really adds another dimension to the style of the room! Scroll to see instructions on creating this beauty.

Grasscloth-covered table
Apothecary jars filled with tea

After the table was complete, with a thick protective waterproof (read: coffee proof) layer of clear plastic over the top, I got to decorating! I placed a few different storage pieces on top of the table as well as some fabulous coffee and tea options. I filled these apothecary glass jars with dried flower tea options — lavender and rosebud. Can’t wait to make rose lattes and sip on them all fall. 🙂

Completed project!
Close up of the table.

The microwave in baby blue makes me so happy! It’s an even better color in person than on the online picture! Alsoooo, I have a special surprise up my sleeve that will match the microwave super well — I can’t wait to share with you girlies as soon as possible what it is!!!

Grasscloth table tutorial

I can’t tell you how easy making the table was. I hope you try it! Here’s all you’re going to need:

Table or desk of your choice! You don’t need anything fancy — you just need a basic piece of furniture that you don’t mind covering. This Parsons desk from Amazon did the trick for us. Because of the simple right angles, it was very easy to wrap up – essentially like a present.

Society Social wallpaper in sage green

Peel and stick grasscloth! This one from Society Social comes in so many fabulous colors and the peel and stick nature of it made it so easy to work with. Cutting it to size and sticking it on was very satisfying. If your table is shipped to you in pieces, I recommend adhering the wallpaper to each piece BEFORE putting it together with the included hardware. This makes it easier to ensure the pieces look crisp and cover as much as possible. I found that it always looks better to fold the paper over an edge versus trimming it right at the edge. Applying the paper pre-assembly helped make sure the paper went deep into cracks and crannies of individual pieces before sliding them into place. Also, if you ever want to change out the wallpaper or show the original table, the peel and stick paper comes off no problem and leaves no marks or glue!

After that process, which was surprisingly easy, you have this the clear protective layer! Super easy to cut to size with scissors and easy to roll atop any table or surface. Completely waterproof!

All the extra products I used are linked here on my Amazon storefront, or you can click into any of the image below to shop. Happy DIYing and happy shopping!!!



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