December 2, 2022

Clare’s Gift Guides: For your girls, your cool aunty, or your bestie who gives off cool aunt vibes

  1. Allie and Bess bracelet stack
  2. Lisi Lerch Lana bracelet
  3. Lisi Lerch Carolina bracelet
  4. Stanley steel tumbler
  5. Ironic boat and tote, by Gracie Weiner
  6. Print fresh holiday pajames
  7. Mary Mashmallow placemats
  8. Mary Marshmallow dress
  9. Mary Mashmallow cosmetic bag
  10. Gucci product without the Gucci price
  11. White fringe bag
  12. Rainbow gem bag
  13. Bamboo handles pearl bag
  14. Timex watch (For your cool aunt – I hope Aunty Caroline isn’t reading this!)
  15. Gucci eyeshadow palette

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