Hannah is a young graphic designer who is chronically online. As Clare's first-ever employee, Hannah wears many hats but is mainly responsible for keeping up with Clare's infinite creative ideas and keeping her grounded when necessary. Hannah graduated from Georgetown University in 2019, with a degree in math and art. She has always labelled herself as a creative, and after working in marketing after graduation, she was lost and a little confused. When she found her way to Clare, there was an instant spark and she knew she was right at home! Hannah specializes in design and branding, and is the behind-the-scenes-magic-maker for all things Clare Sullivan. 

Here you can learn a little bit more about us and check back as we expand! we are so glad you're here!

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Clare is an interior designer, content creator and small business owner, who prides herself in telling compelling visual stories through her content. With an MFA in Interior Design from Parsons, she is well-situated to think critically and creatively about design. Clare has been creating eye-catching content by beautifying the world around her for nearly two years now, and has worked with many well-known brands like Mestiza, L'Oréal, Fidelity, Martha Stewart, West Elm and more. Across her content, whether organic or sponsored,  Clare focuses on educating her followers on how to live beautifully. Clare is thrilled to have you along this wild growth journey, as she continues grow her business and expand from content creation to entrepreneurship!

I’m Clare. Welcome to my world & website! I’m a designer, content creator, small business owner, and artist obsessed with making everything around me beautiful. I hope my site inspires you to do the same! 


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