Designed by Clare + 20 in by 20 in + Offered in Indigo, Pink and Natural Jute Trim + Handmade in India.

$5 USD * instant download sent via email

ocean queen
digital art piece

Digital download!

Art created by Team Clare. Collaged digitally by Hannah, using vintage hand drawn images. This is a digital download ONLY. This is not a physical product. You will receive the image as a pdf and a png, in the ratio 3:4, meaning you can print this version at your convenience in one of the following suggested sizes without losing any quality.

Size: 3:4 Ratio. Suggested sizes to print:

6 x 8 inch.
12 x 16 inch.
18 x 24 inch.
and more, any size that is a 3:4 ratio :)

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