what's in this stack?

THE star studded stack - pink

and one of these in the center to finish the stack!

two of these...

and two of these...

pink star studded stack: two pink harshita, plus two pink linen trim, plus one pink granola

If you have more than three pillows lined up, like here where you have five, you really need something to break up loud patterns, to give the vignette some breathing room. I like to arrange in this order: large pattern, plain color, small pattern in the middle, plain color, large pattern. 

Ahh, you clicked it. The ultimate package. The most extra, layered, eclectic stack of pillows. We had so much fun perfecting this stack - it includes two graphic pink “Harshita” pillows, two tufted linen pillows in white (complete with beautiful pink natural jute trim), and highlights the shining star, the GRANOLA pillow. It’s a splurge, we know. But one we promise you won’t regret. Mix them, match them, spread them around your living room, or use them exactly as pictured. You’ll be as obsessed as we are!

$522 USD

Five pillow stack

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