February 16, 2022

my amazon travel essentials

Listen, you KNOW I am not a *naturally* organized person. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I WANT to be an organized person. And, you know what? I’ve actually done a decent job this year with staying tidy. But it takes dedication, system implementation, and SHOPPING! What I’m saying is, I’d never be organized on a trip without these packing essentials.

From top left: XL Toiletry Organizer, Light Blue Packing Cubes, Jewelry Organizer, Shoe Bags

And I finally found a link to my suitcases! I have had these since high school and love them. One side fully zips, which keeps everything intact (even through turbulence or opening it wrong-side-up).

And for some added entertainment, check out my packing TikTok. I love making those šŸ™‚



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