February 17, 2022

my bedroom revamp

Being a content creator, I am constantly shuffling junk and products from one room to another to make sure my filming location is nice and clean. The room that took the brunt of this was my bedroom. Because I could shut the door and forget about the mess, I let it get really out of hand. Like…. really out of hand.

When I reorganized my entire kitchen, I was overcome with a feeling I hadn’t felt in a while: PEACE. It felt so amazing to have a place for everything in my space, and I was so happy about it. But that night, I opened the door to my bedroom to wind down and all feelings of peace LEFT THE BUILDING. Clothing – everywhere. Skincare – on the ground. Clothing storage – nonexistent.

I decided it was finally time to make a change. The most glaring issue was the clothing, which was strewn all over the room. I spent two entire days combing through the internet to find the perfect clothing solution. I needed something that:

  • Had a small footprint. I only had about 4 feet of total space to work with.
  • Had built-in organization
  • Wouldn’t take an entire day to assemble
  • Cost less than $500 – BUT – and here’s the catch: they need to look expensive

On my 20th hour of searching, I found them. The reviews? Amazing. The size? Compact, but tall – allowing for lots of storage. The overall look? Perfect. They have a door which swings shut to conceal my clothing, and have a standard and classic shaker look. But the best part was the price – $169.99 each. Unreal, honestly. I had found the perfect wardrobe.

I put one on each side of my long bureau, which created beautiful symmetry. Brian got one, and I got one. I have been storing sweaters on the top shelf, tops and pants in the middle, and sweat sets on the bottom shelves. And I finally feel like I have my bedroom together! It’s so nice to relax at night without thinking about the mess around me. Shop the wardrobes here.



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