April 1, 2022

Who is Clare? A Visual.

Because as a visual learner, I thought this would be the best way to introduce myself. XO

  1. Blue light glasses – You know em, we love em
  2. My first designer bag (eeek!)
  3. My fav jammies
  4. If you know you know. This is the best white wine at the liquor store. Crisp, zingy, citrusy.
  5. I use these baskets for toilet paper and paper towels – they fit perfectly.
  6. This is my favorite Mary Marshmallow dress – and it’s named after me! THE CLARE!
  7. CBD gummies are an anxiety staple for staying relaxed on the day to day
  8. I only wear gold and I love this link bracelet – matches and stacks so well with all my other gold goodies
  9. Liquid IV because who has the time to ACTUALLY hydrate with plain water?! Ew. Not me.
  10. My favorite color blue might just come from one of my favorite flowers, the hydrangea. Basic but true. <3
  11. SHIH TZU PLUS WICKER BASKET ?! Have you seen anything more ME. That’s rhetorical. 
  12. Le Cruset in beige. With gold hardware?! Drool. This was my first color I purchased and recently upgraded the knobs from black to gold. Thrilled with the glam look.
  13. Another shih tzu. Because soon we will have two.
  14. Bath bombs until the end.
  15. A blue and white striped turtleneck will always be a staple for me.
  16. More Mary Marshmallow because I can never say no to more beautiful prints!?
  17. GOLD plus BAMBOO !!! silverware OUT goldware IN.
  18. Mark Sikes is one of my greatest design inspirations. Look him up, you won’t regret it!
  19. The next color I want to start buying from le Crueset is this very in-brand blue!
  20. My fav wine apparently also comes in the most aesthetic bottle and I have yet to see this IRL but just know I need it. If you see it, please DM me ASAP.





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