September 9, 2022

Get to know Hannah, my Associate Creative Director!

Interview with Hannah Giordano, Clare’s associate creative director!

CS: Hi Hannah.

HG: Oh hello Clare. 

CS: So the girls have been dying to get to know you.

HG: Oh how you flatter me.

CS: HA. So I want to open with the #1 question I’ve gotten about you: how did you get the job?

HG: Short answer, I applied after you posted about it on Insta and you picked me! Long answer, after graduating from college I was working in marketing and hadn’t found my quote unquote passion yet, but I knew I was itching to do something creative. When I moved back to Manhattan after the pandemic in the fall of 2021, I promised myself I would take the leap and quit to become a graphic designer. I took online classes at Parsons and applied to some freelance design jobs. I had followed you for a while and loved your brand and ambition — so when you posted about needing part time help, I jumped at the opportunity. The timing was perfect. Since I was freelance at the time, I had everything prepared to apply right away (resume + portfolio of design work). I sent a video to apply, like you had asked for, and I remember saying in it that I was uncomfortable in front of the camera and that I had no interest in becoming an influencer myself. I know now that really drew you to my application! I applied because I genuinely wanted to be your right hand gal, and I knew I could design and create alongside you, not because I was chasing some sort of online clout. I think you liked that.

Then, once I started, we just really got along. Right? I mean we’re besties now and we just gel. I am full-time-Clare-Sullivan and I think that just came naturally from us working together so well. A lot of people pigeon hole themselves into very specific niches, and I used to be jealous of that, but I’ve never really been that way. So, being in this kind of job where I do everything and anything (i.e. designing the backend of a website, writing a blog, creating fashion collages, building an entire warehouse, etc) makes a lot of sense for someone like me who has a lot of different interests. 

2. CS: Love. Another question I get asked is where you went to school and what your major was.

HG: I went to Georgetown where I met the best people in the world. I went in as a math major and then added art onto that as well because I couldn’t live without it. Sorry I’m super dramatic but it’s true! I was like… needing art in my life. I’ve always been good at math so when I went to college it made sense to mostly take math classes. But then when it came down to it I just liked studying it, and wasn’t planning a future around it. Most people I graduated with are working in investment banking or consulting so I’m kinda forging my own path by working for a TikToker and sometimes I’m like am I doing this whole adult thing right? But then I remember this is what works for me and just put my blinders up. Comparison is the thief of joy.

3. CS: It really is – comparison gets you NOWHERE fast! So, when you’re not hard at work for me, what are you up to? Can you talk a bit about your personal life and any other interests?

HG: My boyfriend and I live together and we have a rescue dog, Hachi, who is one of the greatest loves of my life (again, dramatic but true). So, in my free time I’m usually walking Hachi or talking about Hachi or taking pictures of Hachi — but when I’m not doing that, I’m eating really good food my bf makes (he’s quite the chef). Or you can find me getting drinkies with my friends (they are my biggest fans, they comment on every video I am in of Clare’s). I also make a crazy amount of friendship bracelets and I am truly a TV addict. I also love TikTok (of course) and have a secret obsession with ASMR.

4. CS: OMG SAME. Why are we so similar. So moving on. Tell us about what you do for the brand – any specific projects you’ve been working on that have been extra interesting lately? 

HG: The warehouse/office/Clare HQ has to be the number one thing on my mind when it comes to work projects! Painting my first ever mural with you was such a highlight and I think we now have a trauma bond over how hard it was to paint the floors. I’m super excited for the office to be a one thousand square feet haven, full to the brim with your style and personality. It’s really going to showcase all of our hard work… it’s already full of so many DIYs and has come such a long way since we first got the keys. I can’t wait to see what it ends up looking like (eeeek) and for it to become a relaxing and inspiring place to work and create, because our literal blood sweat and tears went into it. I mean that so very literally. I have proof.

5. CS: Dead. Ok, now time for some rapid fires. Are you ready?

HG: Yes, hit me. 

6. Favorite drink?

HG: Black coffee three times daily. I also sneak the occasional diet coke. For a cocktail I usually go with a Paloma or a Marg. Big tequila gal.

7. Favorite snack?

HG: I’m not much of a snacker (sorry don’t hate me). But I am a big dessert person if that’s any consolation. Hu chocolate is always in my pantry and ice cream is always in my freezer.

8. Favorite clothing brand?

HG: I wear a lot of secondhand things — whether it’s hand-me-down from my mom or my nana or thrifted. I fill in the blanks from all the same places everyone else my age shops (Free People, Everlane, SKIMs…) I don’t own anything from STAUD but I’ve got my eyes on that brand big time. I think my first “big girl” purchase will be a STAUD bag. I’ll share when I do purchase. If anyone cares.

9. Favorite Spotify playlist?

HG: ‘Your Older Sister’s CD Collection’ by fellow tiktoker Elizabeth Venter. I don’t have an older sister but somehow the songs are all still nostalgic to me. I like to roam Manhattan with my Beats on (they are glued to my head) and pretend I’m in a movie. 

10. Favorite season?

HG: Summer, duh. 

11. Favorite Saturday activity in New York?

HG: Walking my pup in Central Park + coffee and cookie date + people watching 

12. Must have at your desk?

HG: Coffee. 

13. Must have on your nightstand?

HG: My anti depressants lmao

14. If you had to say goodbye FOREVER to mascara or deodorant, which are you chucking?

HG: Easy. Deodorant. I hardly ever wear any anyway. I’ve trained myself not to smell by not wearing it (I think, but I make sure to ask my most honest friends if I smell and so far so good). Also I could never say bye to mascara. It’s the only makeup I use. 

15. Favorite thing about working here?

HG: Hands down it’s that I get to do actual creative work all the time. I get to do arts and crafts ALL THE TIME (!!!)

A lot of corporate “creative” jobs aren’t actually that creative. There’s a lot of emails, a lot of meetings. Since it’s just me and you we don’t get bogged down by following any sort of ”process” — I just get to create art everyday and that’s pretty damn cool. 

16. Where can we keep up with YOU?

HG: I started a behind-the-scenes tiktok about what it’s like working for Clare – that handle is @hannah_giordano. On Insta my handle is @cant_han_dle_me where you see me, Han, make bracelets that you can’t handle haha.




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