September 14, 2022

A new laundry room for my parents

As I write this blog post, I’m currently home in Maine visiting my parents. I noticed my mom had been keeping her laundry room door closed and was shooing me away when I wanted to grab tissues or throw clothes in the wash. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I demanded she open the door. 

Lo and behold, her laundry room was an utter disaster. My parents are temporarily living in a one bedroom guest cottage while renovating their home and without much space, it feels cramped if there’s even just a bit of clutter. So their solution has been to hide it all behind a door – causing the laundry room to be more of a junk room. While I’m home visiting them, I didn’t plan on taking any design projects on — I needed a BREAK after designing my friend Sam’s apartment. 

But, I knew that transforming their laundry room would be 1) a REALLY fun project and 2) helpful in taking some stress off my parents’ busy plates. 

So I headed to Target with room measurements, my exhausted and overworked credit card, and the dream of a laundry room sanctuary decorated in green and white. 

My parents are over the moon and I’m feeling satisfied with the results, not to mention excited that this may be my most viral video yet! 

The look on my mom’s face when I showed her the organized haven that is now her laundry room made it all worth it. I love making spaces beautiful for the people I love in my life and I’m so grateful that you all are interested in following along!

For reference, here is the before:

And *spoiler alert* here is the after:

These metal green bins were the star of the show — linked here! I also really loved this peel and stick wallpaper, also from Target, linked here.

My new fav Target find — I love how they show what’s inside the bins!
Peel and stick wallpaper

I shopped solely at Target for this project and will link all the products below, but I also made a really super similar list of Amazon products called ”Laundry Room Necessities,” if shopping online from there is what’s easiest for you! I can only get out to Target when I’m away from the city and in the suburbs, so I know the feeling of Amazon being the best option. I managed to find basically everything I used (sans the beautiful green bins) for similar prices on there as well.

Watch the mini series below on TikTok of the process:

View part one here, where I show the disaster it was before I got my hands on it! Here’s part two where I put the finishing decor touches and show you the finished dog-approved result! And here is the much anticipated reaction from my dear mother! I also did a bonus video to show how to use chicken wire as a flower bouquet hack, because I got quite a few questions about this!

As always, I hope this post inspires you to take on your own #BudgetLuxurywithClare project!



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