January 12, 2023

Becoming a Planner Addict

I get a littttttle too jazzed about new planner supplies. We know this. I ordered my Cloth and Paper planner last year (influenced by my manager Brittany, who is the most organized human being I know) and become a complete convert / die hard fan. You can shop my planner here. I also have just about every accessory and add-on and insert made by them. Beware: you will spend money if you go down this rabbit hole but it WILL BE WORTH IT! I am soooo much more organized when I plan out my weeks on Sunday night. Between my ADHD and owning my own business — my life is hectic and it makes a world of difference when I take the time to think with a notebook in front of me.

So, as we enter the new year, I ordered some new planning goodies to get me in the mood to start this year off RIGHT — by getting organized the only way I know how: filled with CUTENESS and HELLO KITTY.

My planning essentials and new purchases:

  1. My Cloth and Paper planner that I’ve had for a year and use for grocery planning and general notes.
  2. Calendar stick-on tabs THESE ARE GENIUS! TRUST ME!
  3. New highlighters – the color set I ordered is literally called “Happiness” – which is pretty spot on.
  4. Hello Kitty snap in bookmarks
  5. Budget insert sheets to keep me on track – I use these in the below binder.
  6. Large pack of varied inserts to refill my planner with!
  7. Hello Kitty dry erase to do list – it’s reuseable so I can write as many lists as I want, erase, start fresh, and not waste any paper!
  8. Budgeting binder with cash envelopes — for keeping and organizing my cash and sticking to the monthly budget I set for myself (pray for me)
  9. New dual tip markers in the cutest colors. The packaging is just adorable.
  10. Hello Kitty mini notebook
  11. Bedside notepad for jotting down late night thoughts instead of emailing Hannah in the middle of the night lol. Usually in the morning these notes are really garbled but it does help me sleep after getting stressful thoughts out of my head and onto paper.
  12. Hermes planner in orange – a splurge that Brian got me for Christmas.

You can also shop all of the above on amazon here!



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