February 14, 2023

Flipping the Guest Bed: all about the Florida Jewel Box Bedroom

I’m just back from a trip down to the sunshine state to work on my parent’s fixer upper. You might remember the BLUE bedroom in their Florida house that I flipped months ago, which I featured on my TikTok and wrote about on the blog here. Well, I *finally* (This year was chaos: between our wedding… getting a puppy… who happens to be every bit as demonic as he is cute… everyone getting married and starting to have babies…. WHERE DID THE FREE TIME GO?!) found time to head down and work on the second bedroom.

I decided first thing that I wanted to do a green bedroom. And not just any green: I needed to find a classic yet fresh, Palm Beachy yet understated, OLD FLORIDA meets verdant, northeast botanical garden green. You know?

Okay, so maybe you don’t know what I mean- which is perfectly understandable as even I wasn’t sure what I was trying to achieve with this color- let alone what I wanted it to symbolize and encapsulate. One day, I won’t make everything so damn deep. But until I grow out of it, I’m unable to stop operating as though each design decision I make had BETTER hold up as intentional while 15 Parsons professors jab at any loose end they can uncover. (Read: “pink is my favorite color” didn’t really work as an answer to the visiting critic who asked why I proposed to redesign the Guggenheim interior as an ultra feminine, rosy explosion of mauve and blush.

Jesus. I love to hear myself talk – huh? MOVING ON. The green. I found it in the depths of a glass cloth wallpaper by Society Social. The perfect tone: a limey, complicated pistachio. Unfortunately, I don’t have a color name for you. Nick the painter took a swatch of the wallpaper to the hardware store to have it matched. Which you could do too! I love finding an exact tone from wallpaper and using it on nearby walls or as a complimentary or contrasting trim.

You can shop my amazon Florida bedroom list here.


I knew I wanted bright citrus green to be the theme of this room, so the first thing I did before anything else was start with this grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper.

Watch here on TikTok 😉


I ordered all the bedding (except the sheets, I got those from Garnet Hill in “green apple paisley”) on Amazon. On a king size bed, I like to use three 26 by 26 inch euro pillows for a full, luxurious looking (and feeling) bed.

Watch on TikTok here!


I purchased this gorgeous Paige Gemmel print at the Snappy Turtle Home grand opening. I couldn’t find a frame in the short time I was in FL that fit perfectly but I will replace it when I do!

Watch here on TikTok <3


I ordered a set of two matching plain table lamps for the bedside tables, and then jazzed them up with a little paint, stamps and some blue ric rac ribbon.

This is my favorite peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper! It’s from society social via Amazon and it comes in a bunch of great colors. It’s the same one I used for the console table flip I used in my office coffee bar project!
The paint was custom mixed to color match to the citrus green wallpaper – this Behr color called Sweet Midori looks like the closest match I could find if you’re looking to use it in your own project.

My supply list:

For the DIY lamps:

For the wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper smoothing tools complete with knife, smoothing tool and roller for smoothing seams
  • Sponge for smoothing out bubbles and bumps
  • Painters tool for getting straight edges when cutting the top and bottom with exacto knife
  • Full peel and stick wallpaper tutorial: COMING SOON!

For the bed:

The before:

Here is how it all came together:



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