June 30, 2023

Hand-painted tackle box DIY gift idea

My brother loves fly fishing and I love drawing so while I was on a family trip to our home town in Maine, I painted a new tackle box for him and filled it with his favorite sweets as a birthday present. I know, I’m the best sister.

I got a cheap box on amazon and got down to business. I wanted the paint to be on the inside of the box, rather than the outside cover, so that it wouldn’t chip and flake off as my brother uses it. To achieve this, I painted it in reverse layers. The first details I drew will show up first, then the next layer of paint will show up under that. I used these amazing sharpie paint pens which made this so easy and fun. Then I painted over it in white so that when I flipped it over the fish had a nice solid white background. I also added his initials to make it fully custom and personal!

You can also watch my process here on TikTok if my written explanation sounds like garbley-gook and you need a visual.

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