June 20, 2023

How I transformed a home store’s bathroom into a maximalist dream

I had the honor of helping my Aunty Caroline turn her new store into a maximalist explosion that matches her eclectic and “more is more” sense of style. In my family, gray is illegal, and we are capital “M” Maximalists to our core. My Aunty C picked out a fabulous custom wallpaper (that was thankfully peel and stick!) but besides that, the bathroom flip was a total surprise to her.

So let’s get into the details of how I took this bathroom from BASIC to BOLD!

You can also watch the flip on my TikTok here


I’ve become a peel and stick wallpaper expert – my number one tip would be to have the right supplies which I have a list of on my Amazon HERE.


After wallpapering, it was time for my favorite part: merchandising and decorating. Luckily, since we were literally in a home store, there were tons of decorations at our fingertips.


I also leaned into the maximalist style by filling the already wallpapered walls with art! My aunt sells Paige Gemmel’s amazing art so it was only natural to add her work to the room. You can shop her artwork at Snappy Turtle.


The reveal! Aunty Caroline could NOT believe her eyes when she finally got to see what I had done! It was a maximalist’s dream come true. You can see her reaction on TikTok here.

The before and after:

The supply list:

I always need a box cutter in my purse, anyone else?! I used a sharp utility knife to cut the excess off the top and bottom of the peel and stick wallpaper once I was done sticking it all to the wall. To ensure a straight edge on the top and bottom, I used this stainless steel multi-purpose tool.

To make your peel and stick process as easy as possible, I recommend buying all the items on my wallpaper supply list linked here. The sponge is so great for smoothing bubbles, and the red flattening tool works wonders for larger bubbles as well. The little roller is best for making the seams (the overlap between sheets/rolls of wallpaper) look cohesive.

Hanging Paige Gemmel’s art was the cherry on top in creating this maximalist, eclectic and FUN mini space.

You can check out my aunt’s website, Snappy Turtle, to browse all her unique home decor or if you happen to find yourself in Delray, Florida you can shop in person!

The final reveal!



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